Keto Krack’d Chocolates

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All treats are made using simple ingredients to create a simple indulgence without the guilt. You’ll never have to worry about any added sugar, dairy, preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Mindfully crafted to be:

  • Keto Friendly
  • 0g Added Sugar
  • ≤ 2g Net Carb Per Piece
  • Plant Based
  • Wholesome Ingredients
  • Satisfies Cravings


9-Piece Truffle Box includes one of each of the following:

Strawberry Cream, Raspberry Lemon Tart, Blood Orange Rosemary, Earl Grey Tea, Golden Chai Tea, Matcha Green Tea, Peanut Butter Crunch, Chunky Almond Butter, Mocha Espresso

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The snacking industry and our addiction to sugar and carbs make it hard to bring about change but…


and decided to do something about it. Combining our keto and chocolate background, we KRACK’D the code and created chocolate morsels with no added sugar or dairy and simple ingredients so you feel happy about indulging in them.

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