20% off Gold Subscription

See Instructions Below

Cronometer is the most accurate, comprehensive nutrition tracking app on earth. Unlike other apps on the market, their nutritional data is curated from verified, accurate sources. They aim to provide a complete solution – no matter what diet you choose to be on.

Follow these steps to apply the 20% savings to your Gold Subscription:

  1. Go to the CRONOMETER WEBSITE HERE (you must use this link to get the 20% saving) and click the green “sign-up for free” button in the middle of the page (no credit card needed).
  2. Complete the free sign-up process on the following page.
  3. You will receive an account activation email. Click the activation link and you will be redirected to your account dashboard in Cronometer’s website.
  4. Go to the Upgrade Option HERE.
  5. Choose the SPECIAL OFFER package at the far right with the 20% savings.
  6. Proceed through the checkout process. Please note that the discount will be applied AFTER you sign up for your free trial.

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