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CrowdCows mission is to create an alternative to the current meat commodity system, and to create a meaningful connection between the farmer and the customer, so people can know and appreciate exactly where their food comes from.

Never Run Out – Eliminate the extra trip to the store and always have something delicious on hand.

Eco-Minded – Every box is recyclable and compostable, and every order is 100% carbon neutral, from the field to your doorstep.

You’re In Control – They’ll notify you before we start packing your box so you will have plenty of time to adjust it as needed.

Happiness Guaranteed – Unbeatable selection of the highest quality beef, chicken, pork, wagyu, seafood, and more.

The Crowd Cow Story

Their co-founder Ethan went to an upscale grocery store to pick up some steaks and found himself wondering where the meat was from and why it cost so much.

In talking to his friend Joe, they discovered that many of their friends had purchased beef directly from local farms, and had bragged about how great the meat was. But the trouble of finding a good ranch, coordinating payment and pickup, and the idea of having to purchase and store up to a year’s worth of beef at once was too much.

There had to be a better way. Ethan suggested they “crowdfund a cow” so that 50 people could each buy a tiny amount of beef directly from a local farm. After a couple of weekends visiting ranches and building a website, Crowd Cow was launched and the first cow was sold in 24 hours.

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