Kenetik Ketone Drink

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Kenetik is the first truly clean and delicious ketone beverage. Each serving contains 12g of a patented blend of bioidentical ketones. The formula is crafted without sugar, caffeine, ketone esters, or salts. 

Experience immediate energy, focus, and stamina while supporting lasting brain health to propel you toward your goals. 



Pure Ketones

Every serving of Kenetik contains 12g of a pure, potent, and patented blend of D-BHB acid and R1,3BD ketones. The D-BHB acid is the exact ketone molecule that your body produces, only made from renewable plant sugars through a sustainable process. Kenetik is proven to increase your ketone levels by 1-2 mMol/L within 30 minutes.

Free of Esters and Salts

No need to sacrifice taste or stomach comfort for the benefits of ketones – Kenetik is free of synthetic ketone esters and salts.

Stimulant-Free Energy & Focus

Free of caffeine, sugar, or other stimulants. Kenetik delivers a sustained boost of energy and focus without jitters or a crash.

It lights up your brain in ways that carbs and caffeine do not. One serving of Kenetik is clinically proven to increase your alpha brain waves by 18% for better mental clarity.

Delicious & Powerful

Kenetik is the only ketone drink on the market that tastes as well as it performs. Made with real fruit juices and oils, you can finally enjoy drinking ketones as much as you enjoy their powerful benefits.

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