Good Dee’s Baking Sprinkles

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LOW CARB & DAIRY FREE: Sweetened with erythritol and colored naturally.

Good Dee’s Sprinkles are 0.4mg net carbs per serving, made with erythritol and completely sugar-free. Our sprinkles are free of toxic dyes and chemicals and colored with natural colorings. Color from beetroot powder and cabbage vegetable juice powder are what enhance the color while being virtually flavorless. Good Dee’s has nut-free mixes, almond flour mixes, and extras that complete the baking line. We make food for everyone.

NATURALLY GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN: The It’s A Circus Rainbow Sprinkles are Vegan, sugar-free and kid-friendly. Perfect for those watching their sugar intake or starting a low carb lifestyle.

TASTES LIKE: The sprinkles taste like sweet bits of childhood. Enjoy on dessert or mix in with your child’s snacks for a fun addition to their lunch box.

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