Juvenescence Metabolic Switch C6 Ketone Di-Ester

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Metabolic Switch is a new product that naturally raises your body’s levels of ketones to quickly generate a state of ketosis that lasts for several hours. Metabolic Switch’s exclusive C6 Ketone Di-ester formula, a self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) substance, gives you a much higher level of blood ketones than ketone salts with every serving. Metabolic Switch provides the power of ketosis.

Does taking Metabolic Switch mean I can eat whatever I want and stay healthy? Swapping energy from high-sugar, processed foods to energy supplied by ketones can go a long way to complement the other good choices you make to take care of your health. There is no magic bullet but Metabolic Switch is a good way to start stacking your balance of good choices

How will I know Metabolic Switch is working? Diet changes usually take several days before benefits are noticeable. The best way to quantify is to measure the ketones in your blood.  

What kind of testing does Juvenescence do on Metabolic Switch? Independent research institutions carry out testing in model systems and clinical studies that extend our understanding of the benefits of Metabolic Switch to support healthy aging. Each of our product lots are tested by an independent laboratory to ensure the product meets specifications prior to release.

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